1930 12TH AVE Oakland, CA 94605 US
Mon - Sat: 8:00-18:00 Sunday: Closed

Who We Are

We are bring the high technical knowledge Experience and stellar project management on the field.

Fidel C.

- Founder, The Build Group Inc

About Us

We offer a wide variety of contract work, with high-quality contractors.
Experts in the industry since the year 2000! De Build Group started in San Francisco and now has expanded throughout the Bay Area.

Over the years we have built standing relationships; known for our professionalism and quality performance. We are a firm point contact for any contract work you need done at an honest rate

  • In the Build Group, our mission is to make reality your project, make quality construction that lasts over time, at competitive prices throughout the Bay Area.
  • Become a benchmark for quality and speed in the execution of concrete projects in the bay area.

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1930 12 Ave, Oakland CA, 94605


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