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The first stage of the design process is to be clear about how each zone is going to be distributed, what elements you want to have in each of them, the type of plants you are going to grow and how you want to decorate the garden, no matter how small it is, it requires the same effort to make it look impressive.

The design and maintenance of gardens is not a simple act, but when you know how to make the most of all the space so that it is perfect, the result is doubly satisfactory.

All of the above aspects influence the final result and the way the tiny garden is organized and enjoyed.

The garden is an area that will last a lifetime (with proper maintenance, of course), so it is worth making an investment in quality materials, both
for the lawn and for the plants, decorative elements, constructions, etcetera.

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    1930 12 Ave, Oakland CA, 94605


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